This year, my plan for teaching have been influenced by five major course groups: social studies methods, content area reading, classroom management, technology integration, and teaching exceptional students. Each has offered its own benefits and influenced my teaching.

In social studies methods, we discussed four major methods for teaching future citizens. First, the inquiry method guides students through content by posing an essential question. Students give first impression hypotheses. Students are expected to systematically uncover elements to add to their hypothesis by working through evidence that the instructor provides. The students end the lesson by giving a wholly new or updated hypothesis that is the culmination of their research. Second, the concept formation lesson is a core of any social studies teacher's curriculum. As new concepts are introduced in social studies, students often express confusion or misconceptions about the concept. Therefore, it is of great importance to form a lesson that addresses the confusion and forms a holistic and positive definition of the concept that students can apply throughout their academic lives. Third, the structured academic controversy offers students an entry point into academic debates. Students are assigned a position on a debate topic. It introduces the norms and procedures of academic conversation; students are expected to respect their co-debaters and marshall academic evidence to support their positions. Finally, the methods course discusses the various discussion models popular in the social studies. For each "type" of lesson, we were expected to write a lesson plan. To read my lesson plans, please click here.

In content area reading, we reviewed a litany of reading and writing strategies designed to help our students understand text and communicate their ideas more effectively. As part of our work for that course, I completed several lessons with reading and writing strategies integrated in the plans.

My course on classroom management introduced several different styles of management and specific strategies for maintaining a safe and effective classroom environment. I constructed a classroom management plan which can be viewed here. Likewise, my course on technology integration has a specific page which can be viewed here. Finally, my reflection on working with diverse students can be viewed here.


  • This general overview of a unit I planned shows how I align my lesson plans with local, state, and national standards as well as the variety of activities I plan which are responsive to diverse student needs.
  • This technology-enhanced lesson plan reflects my enthusiasm for effectively integrating technology into my lesson plans.
  • Additionally, I have planned and implemented a socratic seminar - this shows how I consider many different instructional strategies when approaching content. Please see this video for footage of the seminar.