I have been committed to being an educator since a young boy. I would watch with amazement the skill and grace with which teachers help to guide young adults through life. I also would watch with horror as teachers sucked the enthusiasm from students' faces. Growing up, my mom would come home and reflect constantly on how successful her lessons were that day, and I knew early on that good teachers never leave their students at the bell. They are reflective practitioners. Every lesson is another opportunity to improve student outcomes. Another lesson I learned from my mom (and also from my cooperating teacher at Phoebus) is the value of collaboration. Inevitably, teachers get overwhelmed by lessons, meetings, tests, and other obligations. Instead of drowning in the material, good teachers lean on others for support and turn to their professional learning network for advice.

Through my student teaching experience, I have tried at every turn to be a helpful and cooperative colleague. I come to work when I am expected to arrive, dress appropriately, and follow all the procedures laid out by administrators to make my fellow educators' days go smoothly. As a former employee of Apple, I tend to have a good knowledge of the day-to-day problems that arise with the laptops teachers and students use. I do my best to address those problems when they arise so that the onsite technician is not overwhelmed with computers to fix. After attending a professional development on the website Socrative, I helped teach other instructors in the Social Studies department how to use the website in their own classrooms. We have subsequently developed an intuitive system for sharing quizzes (the core function of the site) with each other to expedite the process of making them. When teachers are absent, I help substitutes to manage classrooms, and when co-teachers are busy, I have stepped up to help students with specific IEP or 504 needs. Whenever necessary, I try to be a helping hand in the Phoebus community to the best of my ability. As I improve as a teacher, I will continue to do so and more.


  • I have created a family communication plan to detail how I intend to cooperate, collaborate, and foster relationships with families. This plan will help me respond fairly and adequately to any parents' or guardians' needs.
  • Here is a sample newsletter I might use to communicate regularly with families and other interested parties.
  • I consistently use Socrative data to enhance my teaching and learning - each time I analyze a score report I reflect upon the learning activity to which certain questions correspond.